About Me- The Empty Nester

Welcome! If you reached this page it’s probably because your offspring have either flown the coop or are about to. This is a lifestyle blog for empty nesters. I am a wife, a mother (with 2 grown children), and a teacher in ComalISD. I dabble in a multitude of hobbies which include gardening, writing, crafting, cooking, and of all things, exploring the Texas countryside with my husband on his Harley. Also, I enjoy the latest fashion and beauty trends, and as an empty nester would love to be able to share my experiences with you.

Too Young to be an Empty Nester

I’ve come to realize there aren’t many social influencers for those of us over forty. I am an empty nester at a relatively young age. We started our family incredibly early. I was only 20 when we had our son and less than two years later our daughter. In doing so, we have the ability to do things now that we couldn’t while the kids were still at home.

The Mom I Used To Be

When they were little, first and foremost I was mom. While in school and working full time I tried to stay involved with the family and the kids’ lives. Active in PTA and I was the team mom in little league almost every year. When my daughter began competition dance team, I became the “dance mom.” I didn’t slow down to take a breath until graduation. You know what happened then? An empty void. With no classes to take, no kids to shuttle around, no meetings or games to attend, I felt empty. I knew I needed to fill the space and time with constructive avenues. I told myself I needed the cognitive stimulation and the only way I could think to get it was to either go back to school for yet another degree or start writing. So, I chose to write (more cost effective). Plus, if done well would provide a better revenue stream.

The Blog

So, each week I will post my stories and perspectives for empty nesters. I will share ideas on travel, health and wellness, cooking, crafting, DIY decorating, and many more topics. I hope you take the time to engage with me as I navigate this period in my life. Some stories will be funny, and some will be helpful ideas and tips. Others still, may be emotional as I write about my experiences. Although I’m sad about turning the page, I’m excited to begin this new chapter.

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